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If you don’t see that many entries here, it’s not from a lack of writing on my part. I’ve come to realize that some of these posts are quite private and I’d like them to remain that way. If you absolutely have to read them, drop me a line and I’ll consider giving you access. Cheers!

REDACTED, NBA Finals, Draft, New Game, Periodical Tests and Piano Lessons

on Tuesday, 13 August 1996. Posted in 1996

It’s almost been a month since I last logged in. I’ve got a lot to write about and most of it will be about my seatmate, REDACTED, some of it will be about the result of the NBA Finals, 1st round draft, the periodical tests and a great new game. I really think that REDACTED is great. I’ve been with her the past month and I enjoy talking to her. Even looking at her makes me feel good. I’ve got a plan that will, hopefully, make her mine. This Christmas, I hope to give her a gift. I don’t know what I’ll give her but one of my options is a bottle of perfume. She is really special, so it should only be right that I give her a special gift. I think she is the cutest person I know, and I know quite a lot. I really can’t begin to describe the way I feel about her every time I get to school, she sits beside me, we talk and ask questions. I hope that our relationship gets above being classmate and friend to something like boyfriend and girlfriend kind of relationship. I’ve always wanted someone special and I think that she’s the one I’ve been looking for. I think that I’ve fallen in love with her. I’ll tell you more about her on my next log.

Start of Classes and the NBA Finals

on Wednesday, 15 May 1996. Posted in 1996

It’s the beginning of another school year. It’s been a great two months of summer vacation but unfortunately, like all good things, it has come to an end. Well, I haven’t logged on for quite a while that’s why I am going to make this log extra long. Don’t worry, it’s going to be interesting to read this log.