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Articles in Category: 1999

This was a particularly prolific year in terms of writing (≈180 journal entries or about once every other day). At the height of my teenage confusion brought about by puberty, a particular girl, high school graduation, and freshman year at college, I used my journal as one of those intensely comforting outlets. It was so crazy that I had to eventually replace the original keyboard that came with my PC with a new one as the print on the keys had worn-off and the springs had gotten weak.

I am definitely never going to make the bulk of these entries public. Some things I would just like to keep to myself. While I have the option of redacting, the editorial work needed would take too much of my time. It would also completely destroy the prose I had already composed and make it seem like a disjointed mess of words. Believe me, it’s much better this way.

However, if you feel that you must have a chance at reading them and concurrently feel that you deserve to do so, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can give you access. Cheers!

Ateneo and Going Back to School

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Friday, 14 May 1999. Posted in 1999

I just got a letter from Ateneo in the mail today and it’s about the Freshmen Orientation Seminar that they’re going to have on June 1 to 3. It has all this information about how they’re happy to receive us and that this thing will be for us all to be acquainted with one another and Ateneo itself. I just don’t like cheesy letters like this. Read it for yourself so you can understand me.