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on Sunday, 15 April 2001. Posted in 2001

Well, its been about a week now since Kit and I broke up and I think I’m coping with it pretty well. Sure, I’m still a bit rough around the edges and thinking about still gets me a bit teary-eyed but I can control it now. I try not to think about it and I’m getting better at it. But there are times when I lie in bed and embrace my pillow and still say her name. I still want her but not as much as I used to. Maybe after the previous pains and frustrations I’ve gone through I’m getting numb to it all. Well, I hope not. I wouldn’t want to be an insensitive, stone-hearted guy after all this is done.

A look back

on Sunday, 31 December 2000. Posted in 2001

It is the year 2001 A.D. and what have we really achieved so far? Heck, lets narrow it down to what I have achieved so far. Hardly anything compared to what the giants of this century have done in their lifetimes. This was the age of atomics and electronics. This was the age that made full use of information, of knowledge passed down through the ages. This was the century that harnessed all that we could of what we knew and mixed it all into one big, unified contraption called progress.