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A look back

on Sunday, 31 December 2000. Posted in 2001

It is the year 2001 A.D. and what have we really achieved so far? Heck, lets narrow it down to what I have achieved so far. Hardly anything compared to what the giants of this century have done in their lifetimes.

This was the age of atomics and electronics. This was the age that made full use of information, of knowledge passed down through the ages. This was the century that harnessed all that we could of what we knew and mixed it all into one big, unified contraption called progress.

I was reading this month’s TIME magazine and to honor a man named Albert Einstein as the man of the century is proof enough of what this century means to us all. His name has become synonymous to science itself and may forever be embossed into our minds as the creator of that most famous of physics equations: E=mc2. He is no longer a man now, he is a god. He has been deified by countless people as the being at the forefront of the human race. Many believe that he has the most developed brain in all of human history. I don’t know what percent he was using but it was but a small fraction. There is so much more room for evolution, for advancement.

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