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Best. Sequel. Ever.

on Wednesday, 21 May 1997. Posted in 1997

As the title says, I have just watched the sequel to the best movie ever made! Yeah, it’s The Empire Strikes Back. I also watched this one in Dolby Digital Sound so the movie experience was amazing. This movie continues the story in STAR WARS. The Rebels may have destroyed the Death Star but the Empire is far from defeated. The rebels’ fight has just begun and it first takes place on the ice planet Hoth, where we see Luke and Han riding tauntauns, dinosaur-like animals that can survive the tremendous cold of the planet. Next, a probe droid launched by the Empire lands on the planet and Luke goes to check it out. He is then attacked by a wampa, a native monster kind of like a polar bear, but bigger and walks upright. Anyway, he was brought to the wampa’s cave unconscious, but regains his wits and uses the force for the second time in his life to get his lightsaber on the ground and kill the ugly white beast. He runs far away from the cave and is found by Han Solo. By now, Luke is suffering from hypothermia and needs to be heated quickly. Han splits the belly of his tauntaun, a horse-like lizard creature, and puts freezing Luke inside. The next morning, they are found by rebel scouts and given medical treatment. A few days later,

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