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End of Summer

on Friday, 28 April 1995. Posted in 1995

Is it already the end of summer already? What have I done new, productive, stupid, funny or educational. Well, it seems that one of the new things I’ve done is that I have slept by myself in my own room. I have been learning to play better on the piano as something productive. I’ve done a lot of stupid things this summer like break a glass window and of course, delete my (and everyone’s) best OS, Microsoft Windows 3.1. I’ve also tried to persuade my parents to get me a bigger hard drive, Creative Lab’s Sound Blaster 16 Card and a CD-ROM Card. That was a dumb, stupid, funny and utterly hopeless thing to do. On the educational side, I learned not to compress your Hard Drive when not needed and also look inside a directory to see whether it has important stuff before deleting it. Well, summer is winding down and I have seen some great movies lately, “The ’Burbs,” which is a comedy-horror mix, the “Predator” which is an action-sci-fi mix, “OP Center” which is an action-real life-sci-fi mix (this must be Tom Clancy’s masterpiece) and “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.”

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