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Graduation Day

on Friday, 31 March 1995. Posted in 1995

Today is officially my Grade School Graduation Day! I have awaited this day for about seven years now. I am very much excited and proud of what I have achieved. I know that this is the end of childish stuff but it is the beginning of becoming a mature adolescent and, in the long run, a successful adult. See you soon high school!!

Also, some time this week I should be able to get Monopoly Deluxe for Windows. In my last log, I wrote about this game and how I may get to like it. To get this game, I had a deal with my Mom that if I study hard for the Periodical Exams, she will let me copy a game a month this summer (which means two more games). The first game I will copy is Monopoly and the second one, I don’t know yet but I’d like another Flight Simulator. I have a few current choices like F-14 Tomcat: Fleet Defender, F-15 Eagle or The Microsoft Flight Simulator. I also have another choice of putting an add-on to my X-Wing flight simulator, like Imperial Pursuit or the B-Wing ship and Tour of Duty. I’d also like to get some new hardware like a CD-ROM drive, a Creative Labs AWE 32 sound card, some speakers, a lot of CD software and maybe a larger Hard Drive for my birthday, preferably a Seagate 2.1 Gb Hard Drive.

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