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Tracking Javascript Errors in the Main Menu, part 2

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Monday, 16 November 2015. Posted in 2015

Slightly Less Useless to Read This Entry

Spent the day fixing up the mess I made in the JavaScript on the main template. Took me about half a day but I finally found the culprit—a missing Javascript file. Now the headers are fully sticky!

I spent the rest of the day trying to find an issue tracker—something that I should’ve done from the start. Eventually found one that seems to work good enough for my needs. Now I can track down the few remaining issues with the site with some kind of managerial order. All this stuff to do in two weeks!

I’m pretty sure that I am relaunching the site on December 1. Hopefully, everything picks up by then. After that, a few days off and then I’ll be working on the jurisprudence files.

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