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Trapped Again!

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Saturday, 18 June 1994. Posted in 1994

They wont let me copy X-Wing, the Imperial Pursuit! Oh no. I’m trapped again!!! I’ve got to formulate a plan to copy it and fast before Lucas arts gives us a sequel to it. I’m dead.

Hmmm, how am I going to pull this one off. I can copy it two at a time but my dad always goes with me when I copy software. Maybe I should save my money for something else like MS-DOS 6.2 or Norton Utilities 8.0. But X-Wing is the hype of everyone who likes flight simulators!!! And I don’t want to be left behind! Maybe I can get a friend to do it like, like… Rocco! That’s it, maybe I can talk him into copying it for me but naw, he’s a bit dishonest and kind of a geek. I’d better think of something and fast! Aw man, why did this have to happen?

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I guess I should really make a proper writeup here. Something witty or maybe a joke to add some levity. I’ll come back to this when I have time. If you have any suggested copy that I can insert here, drop me a line.

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