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Building Corpus Juris

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. Posted in 2012

At the very heart of Corpus Juris is an idea, an ideal view of how easy it should be to find a legal text. There’s a few obvious places to look for on the web when you’re looking for laws or jurisprudence. Of course there’s the official websites of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Then you have and the Official Gazette. Then there’s the unofficial sources, LawPhil at the forefront of them. For offline CD-based access you have CD Asia’s Lex Libris. But none of them look good to me. They’re all made of an ugly, unsightly mess. Why? Because there’s no one there who cares about the presentation of the written word. No one on their IT department cares about things like proper typography or good web design. None of the aforementioned entities, I believe, care as much as I do at presenting this huge wealth of information to the public in a manner appropriate to the medium they are presenting it in.

Migrations and Redesigns

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Monday, 11 May 2009. Posted in 2009

Migrations and Redesigns

Last week, I began the migration of both the Corpus Juris website and the Santos Estrella website to new web servers. Due to conflicts in my personal schedule I had to focus on getting Corpus Juris up and running as soon as possible while delaying work on my own personal site and experimental web projects.


Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Monday, 28 June 2004. Posted in 2004

One of the reasons why Albert Einstein was against time travel into the future was the Chaos Theory. This theory postulates that as you go further into the future, the certainty of where you are and the circumstances you will find yourself diminishes the farther you go into the future. This is caused by the increasing multitude of possibilities that could occur along the way, as the millions upon billions of choices that make up each person’s choices are so variable that a particular future might very well not exist if one or another choice were to differ. If you watched Back to the Future, you’ll notice that traveling to the future is quite easy because they didn’t take into account the other possibilities that might happen along the way to that future. All the what ifs and what if nots here become a paramount concern because predestination might not actually exist and therefore the freedom of action of each and every person might very well have incredibly vast effects on the future.

Updates and Shadowness Version 3

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Thursday, 08 April 2004. Posted in 2004

Finals are finally over! Whew! I haven’t been as idle as I am right now since Christmas break and thank God for it. I’ve got a lot of updates that I’ve promised over the past year and trust me, I am getting to it. Like I’ve been droning about for the past year, I believe that HTML has just about outlived its usefulness. What with the W3C taking forever to update any of the language’s proposed tags, I see that innovation for HTML has just about come to a dead standstill. Mind you, its almost two years since they’ve approved a tag as part of the standard set of HTML tags. Two years for one tag! The only organization slower than them is probably the Philippine government. Ah, well, I’m digressing again.

Site Updates

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Sunday, 01 February 2004. Posted in 2004

Visitors may have noticed that this site has been dormant for the past 6 months. For this, I apologize. I’ve just been busy the past few months with schoolwork. Although I have promised a new, better, faster Flash-Database driven site, these plans have been put on hold in the meantime. Not to worry, though, for I’ve learned my PHP and with the use of the Flash Remoting tool, I’m all set to work on this site fulltime this summer. I’ve learned the PHP-SQL language last summer and was all set to implement everything. I even made the small PHP guestbook that you see in this site somewhere that’s made of pure SQL but making it work with flash is another matter altogether.