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On Apple’s recent SSL/TLS bug

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Sunday, 23 February 2014. Posted in 2014

On Apple’s recent SSL/TLS bug

A few days ago, Apple issued a security update for iOS, bringing the OS up to level 7.0.6. That update cryptically stated that there was a bug in the way iOS was handling SSL/TLS but, in true Apple fashion, remained too vague to be fully understood. Since then, I’ve had the misfortune of reading quite a lot of fear, misinformation and distrust (FUD) being spread about the net. Apple, of course, could have just documented everything and prevented this sort of thing from happening but, well, whatever. In any case, I’ll take a shot at explaining what went wrong in previous iOS versions and what they fixed, such as I can gather with my own efforts.

End of Summer

on Friday, 28 April 1995. Posted in 1995

Is it already the end of summer already? What have I done new, productive, stupid, funny or educational. Well, it seems that one of the new things I’ve done is that I have slept by myself in my own room. I have been learning to play better on the piano as something productive. I’ve done a lot of stupid things this summer like break a glass window and of course, delete my (and everyone’s) best OS, Microsoft Windows 3.1. I’ve also tried to persuade my parents to get me a bigger hard drive, Creative Lab’s Sound Blaster 16 Card and a CD-ROM Card. That was a dumb, stupid, funny and utterly hopeless thing to do. On the educational side, I learned not to compress your Hard Drive when not needed and also look inside a directory to see whether it has important stuff before deleting it. Well, summer is winding down and I have seen some great movies lately, “The ‘Burbs,” which is a comedy-horror mix, the “Predator” which is an action-sci-fi mix, “OP Center” which is an action-real life-sci-fi mix (this must be Tom Clancy’s masterpiece) and “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.”

Excellent Pilot

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Thursday, 22 December 1994. Posted in 1994

According to my flight record, I am an excellent pilot who boasts of many accomplishments. It seems that it was only a few days ago when I just had no medals but now, I have a Kalidor Crescent at last. Below is a graph to show my achievements.

On Track

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Monday, 27 June 1994. Posted in 1994

I’m back on track!!! I’ll get it if it kills me. I’ve almost got it. I could get it this Saturday or Sunday. If I don’t get it I’ll go crazy!!! I’ve got about P400.00 pesos already. That’s more than I need and I can use the other hundred for “A special person’s occasion.”