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End of the Midterms, PC Housekeeping and Upgrades, Site Updates, and Ninoy Aquino

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Friday, 15 August 2008. Posted in 2008

My midterms for the first semester were finally completed yesterday and I am beat. Having only 5 to 6 hours of sleep for over a week really takes a toll on you. I very nearly look like one of those zombies in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Very, very, uncool. Anyway, the exams went pretty well, I’d say. Nothing as downright impossible or as walk-in-the-park as the ones I took before. Let’s just hope that I’m not just being too over-confident this time. I’ll post updates on the results as soon as our exam booklets are returned.

Updates and Shadowness Version 3

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Thursday, 08 April 2004. Posted in 2004

Finals are finally over! Whew! I haven’t been as idle as I am right now since Christmas break and thank God for it. I’ve got a lot of updates that I’ve promised over the past year and trust me, I am getting to it. Like I’ve been droning about for the past year, I believe that HTML has just about outlived its usefulness. What with the W3C taking forever to update any of the language’s proposed tags, I see that innovation for HTML has just about come to a dead standstill. Mind you, its almost two years since they’ve approved a tag as part of the standard set of HTML tags. Two years for one tag! The only organization slower than them is probably the Philippine government. Ah, well, I’m digressing again.

Last Day of School

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Thursday, 24 March 1994. Posted in 1994

It’s the last day of school! Now I can use this computer straight for two whole months. I’ve gotten two new great games, New Super Jeopardy and Battletech II the Crescent Hawks Revenge. I hope that by the next school year I will have finished one of them. Well anyhow I’d like to just sit back and enjoy the summer. So…

Level One Diagnostic

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Saturday, 19 March 1994. Posted in 1994

On this date I am starting this computer log to record my daily activities with my PC. To start it off I have made a very graphical Daily Calendar! © RaymondSoft,Inc. I have made a level one diagnostic just now and have recorded the results. They are very surprising and interesting. I have now made here a graph that contains the level type of diagnostics according to my design.