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Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Monday, 28 June 2004. Posted in 2004

One of the reasons why Albert Einstein was against time travel into the future was the Chaos Theory. This theory postulates that as you go further into the future, the certainty of where you are and the circumstances you will find yourself diminishes the farther you go into the future. This is caused by the increasing multitude of possibilities that could occur along the way, as the millions upon billions of choices that make up each person’s choices are so variable that a particular future might very well not exist if one or another choice were to differ. If you watched Back to the Future, you’ll notice that traveling to the future is quite easy because they didn’t take into account the other possibilities that might happen along the way to that future. All the what ifs and what if nots here become a paramount concern because predestination might not actually exist and therefore the freedom of action of each and every person might very well have incredibly vast effects on the future.

Graduation jitters

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Sunday, 16 February 2003. Posted in 2003

Another eon has passed since I last posted anything here. Its either I’m way too lazy to write or I’m just too busy with schoolwork. Unfortunately, the latter holds true because no matter how lazy I am, I know that I’d still find time to write even a little bit.

First of all, the pressure is killing me. Maybe I don’t show it but I assure you its there and I am getting quite anxious about finals week and graduation. Despite my attempts to keep it at bay, the big traditional question keeps popping up: what the heck am I going to do after college? No, I do not have an answer.

The Road to Take

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Saturday, 13 May 2000. Posted in 2000

Looking at my the date stamp on my previous entry, it has been ages since I last wrote anything in here and I’ve got a lot to tell you about so you can catch up on my life. Well, I first of all, I’m taking up advanced summer classes so that I’ll be all ready to compensate for my shifting or my plans of taking up a double major. I’m taking up FIL 14 and CHN 1 right now and they I’m doing pretty okay in both. I’m not excelling, that much is apparent but I’m not failing either.


Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Saturday, 25 March 2000. Posted in 2000

The second semester is finally over and I’ve just finished the second day of my summer vacation. It just doesn’t seem all that fun when I’m smack in the middle of something I’ve been desiring since the start of the school year. Something is holding me back and I don’t know what it is. Its right there, right there in the back of my head, the bottom of my heart, and the tip of my tongue. I just can’t put my finger on it. Its like in the Matrix, I’m searching for the answer to the question.

Hell Week part II

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Sunday, 19 March 2000. Posted in 2000

Another week has gone by and thank God I’m still alive. Yup, you heard me, I’m still pretty much the same old person I was last week. Probably a little less tired but still fatigued nonetheless. I’ve survived a whole week of looming deadlines, last-minute quizzes, and a math long test (which I failed, by the way!).

Up to date

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Saturday, 11 March 2000. Posted in 2000

It’s been a little over a month since I last wrote in this journal and I’ve got a lot to bring you up to date on. Well, I’ve been downloading movie scripts for the past month and to tell you the truth, I’m addicted. There’s just something about being the director, the costume designer, the actors and the special effects committee all at the same time. There’s that natural high that comes from getting your imagination all worked up. It’s just something that you get from reading something and having all those characters act it all out in your head.

Trigonometry and a New Hope

on Friday, 02 October 1998. Posted in 1998

Things have been going pretty smoothly this week. I think that it’s looking pretty great. I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve written about and I feel that a great burden has been lifted from this weary soul of mine. I don’t know if anything miraculous happened to me, but I feel pretty good. Good enough for another week of school

More on Windows 98

on Sunday, 23 August 1998. Posted in 1998

It’s another one of those sleepy, lazy Saturdays. I don’s have much to do and it’s really bugging me. I’m no longer used to staying at home on Saturdays. I used to go to ACP training sessions during the summer and those UPCAT review sessions a few months ago. I’ve really got to find something to do one of these days.


on Saturday, 15 August 1998. Posted in 1998

This has been quite a damned week. There’s been a lot going on that I still don’t understand but I think I’m doing okay. I am finished with the Periodical Tests, UPCAT and I’m on my way to a better future. What more could I ask for? A lot. Quite a lot. Anyway, the UPCAT was a breeze. The questions weren’t that difficult but I’m a bit afraid to boast. I don’t want to temp fate into letting me down on this one thing. Anyway, life is like that. Things don’t just happen for no reason. I hope that the test results are okay and that I get into UP. That would be a big boost to my morale. And I’m a bit low on that area. Hopefully…

Stress and X-Files

on Wednesday, 01 July 1998. Posted in 1998

This week has been one of the most stressful in my life. I’m only beginning to cope but it’s been a really big effort. I’ve got class from Monday to Saturday and I’ve got tons of homework. Right now, I’ve got four, yes, count ’em, four homeworks in different subjects. Damn, I hate this. I hope that someday, all this will pay off and I’ll have a better, low-stress, normal life.