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Articles tagged with: to do list

On Making Document Interconnection Possible, part 1

Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. Posted in 2016

I’ve been making some more headway into designing the site’s interconnection framework between documents. They’re still mostly just a combination of sketches and musings with no particular direction. While I still don’t know how to fully implement this feature, I’m beginning to gain some insight into the fundamentals of this problem and how I might be able to solve it. I know that I’ll have to make sure that the framework for mapping out what documents are related to each other, add semantic meaning to that connection, and figure out a ranking algorithm to show the most relevant documents first is as robust as possible.


Written by Raymond Santos Estrella on Thursday, 07 January 2016. Posted in 2016

Where I'm so burned out I just wrote and made a list of things to do

Alright, just about done with the next batch of updates for Republic Acts. I know that this batch really took quite a while to complete. I tried to complete it all before the new year but I just needed more time. What can I say except that the holidays got in the way and I was feeling a bit burned out on working on the site relaunch and all the editorial work so I took a day off here and there.