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My Movie Database
“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” —Abraham Lincoln

I’m honestly surprised at how much review material I’ve written over the years. I didn’t really intend my critiques to form such a large body of work. Well, here we are and I’ve since transferred the reviews from the blog to this dedicated section. Enjoy what’s here and drop me a line in the comments!

IMPORTANT: This portion of the site will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.
This section of the site is under construction. I’ve been refactoring code, debugging, testing, and restoring older data into the database. It’s been going on like this for a while and I’ve been iterating at a steady pace. While I can’t provide a proper ETA for when I’ll be done, I hope to finish by the end of April 2014. In the meantime, most everything is functional with the obvious exception of Facebook and Twitter OAuth logins for comments. If you see any reviews appearing and disappearing, broken images and links, and some sluggishness, that’s normal. This section will be in a state of flux for the next few weekends. Please bear with me and I promise that we’ll all have a much, much better review section when I’m done. ☺

Since work on the site is kind of slowing down, I’m biting the bullet and publishing some stats to keep you updated.

Task Notes
Code Refactoring
I’m just about done here. I absolutely hate refactoring code. There’s just so much program logic in different files and places. It also takes up so much time editing, testing, and debugging. The code is a the point where it’s relatively stable if as long as I don’t do anything drastic like fiddle with the most basic system variables. That’s why you probably won’t see much progress on this bar until the very end of the redesign is complete. The next time I do this, I’m going to have to do it right which means a huge amount of code audit in the process.
Restoring Old Reviews
I’ve restored almost all the old reviews from their original sources (i.e. HTML, XML, Word files, even physical paper). Their coding and contents have largely been checked and added to the database. I have a few more lengthy ones that I’m putting off on restoring until I get a lengthier weekend to work on them.
Restore Old Comments
I’m working on these right now. Thank God for backups! I had thought I lost these during the site migration. Unfortunately, I failed to check that they were saved in a relatively opaque binary JSON format. I’ve already tried to parse what I can in my text editor into another proprietary format of my own invention that I can somewhat import into the database. I say “somewhat” because it seems my original method isn’t full-proof and I’ll have to go through these comments by hand because of the numerous text and hierarchical errors that have popped up during the course of the database import. This is such slow, tedious, mind-numbing work that I’m considering just dropping or stalling (at least until I’ve thought up a better method at converting from JSON to tab-delimited or SQL format) work on the old comments altogether.
Site Testing
I’ve only done a limited amount of testing of the most basic functions and design of the review section. Everything works so far but I’ll have to go back and check every review for all those niggling little details like metadata, proper tagging, proper modal behavior, etc. I guess I’m O.C. like that.

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